There was a small wolf in the office today, being wolf-sat by my co-worker for his brother. At 7 weeks old, it’s pretty adorable. (The wolf, not my co-worker, sorry Bill.) Bill said that even with rigorous socialization, when it’s fully grown it still can’t be left alone in the house with other dogs, cats, or small children.

That’s because it might eat them.

I asked him if his brother had ever considered getting a domesticated wolf? They’re not too hard to find, just search google under DOG. He laughed, said he didn’t think a pet wolf was a good idea either. We discussed entering an office safety learning in the official safety learning database, to help meet our yearly quota. The wolf-pup rolled around, then curled up at our feet for a nap. Vicious predator.

In other news, signed the paperwork for my leave of absence from work!



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