Weekends all the time

The weekend is here early! This will be my last “weekend” for a while – the last weekend that has work looming on the other side. Wowzers!

It’s nice to feel that my trip is actually coming up soon, instead of remaining impossibly far away. It’s been feeling like the carrot on the end of the stick – so close, but never closer. And there still remains the herculean tasks of moving, bills, logistics, taxes, 8-hr engineering exams. Heaps of the mundane. I think the world doesn’t like you to try and break out of the ordinary, so it makes it seem impossible. It overwhelms with you ordinary. “I could just go backpacking on the weekends,” you think, “then I wouldn’t have to figure out how big of a storage unit I need to store all my stuff.” 

Looks like I’m really going to make it out of the grind though.