I think Tucson is trying to tell me to get out of town. It’s getting hotter every day and I keep running into crazies.

Yesterday J and I were driving around running errands. We pulled into a right-hand turn lane and a white Acura swerved in front of us erratically. “Honk at him!” I shouted indignantly. I hate it when people aren’t paying attention. So J did.

But then when we both turned right, the guy driving the Acura slowed down so he was next to us, looked at us, and then pulled behind us. And just that fast I went from being irritated to being afraid we were going to get shot. Everybody and their mother has a concealed carry permit in this state.

“What now??” panicked J.
“Get the heck onto Dodge!” I exclaimed back. J pulled into the left-hand turn lane for Dodge Street, which was where we were going anyhow. Dude in the Acura pulled in right behind us. “Now what?” said J. There was no one in the lane next to us, so I told him to swerve back into main traffic, out of the left-hand turn lane. So did the dude. I had my phone out and was dialing 911 when the guy finally switched lanes and passed us, then turned right onto another street. J and I went a couple miles past where we were headed, then went back a different way. I’m never going to honk at anybody ever again.

Once we were rid of the white acura, it was back to errands. I sure hope that hiking the PCT isn’t as tiring (or nerve-wracking) as getting ready for it.

While we were out and about and getting chased around town, J and I finished our last big shopping run. At least, I sure hope it’s my last shopping run. For someone who’s made most of her own gear, I’ve sure spent some astonishing sums at REI lately. I’m finding myself particularly vulnerable to slick, outdoorsy marketing these days (why, I DO need a beautiful new titanium mug, how did you know?).  However, along with the last REI run we also blew a couple hundred bucks on groceries and I think we’re ready to get started. Buncha granola-type stuff (“we’re gonna be nuttier than squirrel poop”, says J) along with lots of healthy grub like meat sticks and coconut macaroons. It seems impossible that we’ll starve.

I’ve found myself totally overwhelmed by the food resupply. I don’t know what I want to eat tomorrow – how could I possibly know what I want to eat five months from now? Food selection aside, how will I know how MUCH I want to eat five months from now? For now, the plan is to mail resupply to a few locations, and then just buy what’s available at the rest. We’ll stage in sections – we’re only sending boxes for the Southern California area before we leave. It will a relief to be on the trail and to actually know things – like how many miles we can hike a day, every day, or how many larabars I really want to eat.

I still need to pack my house.




More grub.



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