Well, due to some paperwork tie-ups, it looks like we won’t be hitting the trail this weekend. Wednesday, if all goes well, we’ll finally get out of town. My packing is suddenly and mysteriously much slower.

But, things are getting done. Took my car in for a tune-up. I had a gift certificate to a spa that was about to expire, so I took myself in for a tune-up too. This evening J and I went out to the Finger Rock trailhead to try and photograph some saguaro blossoms, but they are still clenched up tight in little buds, like teeny green fists. Even so, it was an immaculately beautiful evening. Soft clouds, soft light, long green saguaro arms to the sky. I don’t know about all the time, but this time of year – this evening – right now – Tucson is the prettiest town in the world.



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