Day 13
Miles: zero

Zero days may not involve any hiking, but they aren’t very restful. It’s all a blur of chores and hordes of thru-hikers hanging around, and lots of money spent.

J and I are re- supplied for our next leg. I’ve got a new pair of shoes in an extremely obnoxious shade of purple. Fingers crossed that these are the ones. A new shirt, not polyester, that hopefully will cut down the personal stench. It’s purple. And I’ve ordered a new pack – purple. I’m not super into purple, but that’s what the universe ordered up.

A lot of other hikers are on really tight budgets, and I feel a bit profligate, throwing my money around. Then I remember that I earned that money working overtime in mining camps in Mexico. All my purchases are still less than I earned in two days in the camp. If two days of that can bring me a little extra comfort over the next four months, it’s probably worth it.

Back on the trail tomorrow.

“Are you really taking a picture of our food??”


New shoes! (Again!)


2 thoughts on “Day 13: no rest for the weary

  1. Hey Gwynneth, This is Kathy Skinner. We’ve really been enjoying your journey! Kevin just saw that photo of the red plant and he knows what it is. It is Sarcodes Sanguinea commonly called The Snow Plant. It is native to Western North America. It commonly emerges from the sometimes still snow-covered ground in early Spring or Summer. It is a parasitic plant that derives nutrients from fungi that attaches to roots of trees.

    • Hi Kathy! It’s so nice to know I have friends following along. It’s almost as great to have my burning questions answered. I’ve been passing the info along to other PCT hikers, whether they want it or not.

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