Miles: zero

J and I have been relaxing, eating blueberries, and hanging out with adorable three-year-olds. It’s everything I hoped and dreamed. While I have a moment, I thought I’d give a call-out to my favorite pieces of gear so far.

Favorite piece of gear #1:
My rainpants. I thought about leaving these at home – why would I need rainpants in Southern California? They’ve been a super wind layer. They’ve been the one extra piece of clothing when the puffy jacket just isn’t getting the job done. They’re my in-town pants when the rest of my clothes are in the laundry. Worth the weight.

Favorite piece of gear #2:
My wind-shirt. I can almost fit this thing into my closed fist. My mother made it for me out of Pertex Quantum nylon. It weighs virtually nothing, keeps me warm in the rain and in the wind. Thanks Mom!

Favorite piece of gear #3:
My sleeping quilt. I made this from a kit sold by Ray Jardine. Of all the Ray-way kits I made, I was the most skeptical of this one. I’m converted. The details make the bag – if you’re looking for a lightweight synthetic bag, this is a great way to go.

Back on the trail tomorrow!


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