Day 100
Miles: 0
Hell’s Gate

It’s not really discussed so much as assumed, between the three of us, that we’re not going anywhere today. Now that we know we can pedal up passes, know that we can make up time, the pressure is released. The PCT pressure – that particular brand of neuroticism – the kind that makes any stop guilty, any break an underserved luxury – I’m finally free of it. For the first time in three months, in 100 days (because today is our 100th day), I am at peace while at rest.

J has never succumbed to the PCT craziness. He’s always been aiming for happiness, not miles, and views take precedence to big days. His resistance to groupthink hysteria is one of his better points. Pacman also seems to know better then to think that more miles = a better PCT thru-hike. Good companions to have around.

So, free at last, we swim in the beautiful swimming hole, play at fishing, nap in the shade, try to catch up the blog (still desperately behind). 
The sun shines, the river runs, the breeze slides through the trees. Contentment. And tomorrow, we’ll see redwoods.


“Do you think I should keep it?”


The river.


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