This is just a quick public service announcement… as you may have noticed, I have done a terrible job of keeping this blog updated. Trying to write a daily blog in addition to the heavy physical lifting that the PCT requires, with all sorts of technological and electrical power obstacles thrown in the mix, has turned out to be one of the most difficult parts of this journey. Sometimes it’s a joy to write, much of the time it is an onerous burden I’ve bestowed on myself. I am still writing because first, I like to write. Second, I have found writing to be a wonderful way of sorting through my experiences and making sense of it all. Third, I get to have and keep a record of this crazy summer. Finally, I get to share that with other people, which has turned out to be interesting and challenging, fun and terrifying.

At this point I have about fifty days left to get onto this blog. It’s a mish-mash of posts written but not yet uploaded, partially written posts, and extensive notes that I started keeping when my fingers got too cold at night to write these posts on my smartphone. Over the next few weeks I plan on getting this all dumped into the giant maw of the internet. So stay tuned!!!

If you’re interested in seeing a visual record of my journey, I did a one-photo-per-day PCT series that I posted via instagram. You can check it out @oneofmanycircles. And yes, (spoiler alert) I made it to Canada. So stay tuned! (And thanks for reading.)

We finished!

We finished!


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