Day 142:
Miles: 0

In the basement bedroom where we’ve been put up by Barry and Jean, the sunlight bursts in, brilliant and warm. We stay in bed, watch the sun wheel an arc from one side to the other. Barry and Jean check in with us to make sure we don’t need to do anything? No – we’re going to stay here today, if that’s alright, stay in bed and watch a perfect Indian summer day slip through our fingers.

We know the rain is coming. We know that days like today are almost gone for the year. The forecast says – rain. Rain. Rain! And today is impeccably blue, impossibly perfect, and I am going to stay indoors.

Family dinner, movie night with the lovable, neurotic dachshunds on my lap, extra showers, extra snacks. It’s like being home, but better. It’s so nice to go absolutely no-where, for a day. There really isn’t that much trail left, and it’s probably going to be cold and gray and hard, but it will wait regardless.


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