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What I’m up to now

J and I got back to Tucson and started looking for a new place to live. My friend Lyndall let us camp out in her spare bedroom until we found a place, which was a huge help. We ended up finding a cute little house south of Downtown that had been

And then what?

Day 2 of the rest of my life... In the morning we head back to the greyhound station and buy tickets to Seattle. We stop at a pharmacy on the way and buy some motion sickness pills - hopefully things will go better today. Tailor ends up being on

A post-PCT hangover

Day: 1?? We catch the greyhound to Vancouver in the morning, along with Tintin, Smokey, and Tailor. Everyone else is going to stay another day. My newly acquired motion-sickness has only gotten worse, it seems. I have to sit up ramrod straight,

Day 158: The End, or, The Beginning

Day 158 Miles: 16 From Hopkins Lake to Manning Park. The end of the trail. It's morning, we're 6 miles from the monument, and I'm stoked! Any questions about my ability to make it - all the way - to the very end - are finally gone. I've got