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There’s a narrow footpath winding from the edge of Mexico up to Canada – first through the Desert, then the High Country, past the Volcanoes, and finally through the Mountains of the North. It’s called the Pacific Crest Trail. This summer, I’m going to walk it, to see where it takes me. I know where it goes, but that’s not quite the same thing, is it?

UPDATE 4/5/14

Due to some last-minute dental work, my expected leave date is probably around the last week of April. Preparations are on hold while I study like mad for my professional engineering licensing exam (the dreaded PE). Once I get all the tests and dental work and taxes and packing out of the way, the fun will begin! (How come adventures always start off with so many chores?)

UPDATE 5/1/14

J and I will begin our thru-hike tomorrow. I’m not sure how posting is going to work from the trail, so stay tuned. I also post photos on my instagram, look me up @oneofmanycircles.

UPDATE 5/14/14

I’m in Idyllwild, taking my first zero day. There’s been some questions about my photos – all my photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I sometimes edit them with the Snapseed photo app. I make no apologies for overuse of filters. I also write all my posts on my smartphone, at the end of the day, lying in my sleeping bag. This leads to a lot of typos and bad autocorrects. Think of it as -authentic-. I make no apologies for this either, but thanks to everyone for putting up with it!

UPDATE 4/2/2015

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I’m working on a master table of contents – when I’ve finally finished all the formatting, I’ll post it here.


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