Day: 0
Miles: 0

Speeding through night towards San Diego, J said, “So don’t hate me, but would you entertain the idea of not starting hiking tomorrow, and taking a beach day instead?”

I instantly hated the idea. Another day of STILL not starting? Then my exhaustion punched me in the face and told me to come to my senses.

So we woke up on the floor at my friend Lydia’s house this morning and listened to the Santa Ana winds raking the house, and stayed inside. Our bounce box is mailed, and our chores are complete. J even got a shave and a haircut. I’ve felt a bit uncomfortable around him all day – he sounds just like my old boyfriend, but is nearly unrecognizable. When he looks like himself again it will be time to come home.

The day ended up sunny and hot; the ocean was frigid. My little niece kept grabbing my hand and dragging me into the waves, shouting, “Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold!”

Tomorrow, we go.


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