Day 158
Miles: 16
From Hopkins Lake to Manning Park. The end of the trail.

It’s morning, we’re 6 miles from the monument, and I’m stoked! Any questions about my ability to make it – all the way – to the very end – are finally gone. I’ve got this. All six of us camped here get up and hang out in the beautiful morning by the lake. My resentment of the dude-bros arrival last night has evaporated, and I spend the morning enthusiastically discussing gear and the trail and just generally dude-bro-ing it up myself. (We all have a little dude-bro in us.) J, like always, just rolls his eyes as I get into the nitty-gritty of tarp camping with Snake Charmer. I don’t care that we’re basically done. I really do just like to talk about gear.

Ambassador shows us this crazy sore on his back – like an infected pimple, but the size of a fist. Super-gnarly is the phrase that comes to mind… “You should go to a doctor ASAP when you finish, man.”
“Yeah, I know.” The sore is right beneath his hipbelt – it must hurt so bad. He tells us he’s lost sixty pounds on the trail. Snake Charmer bemoans the scraggly little goatee he’s managed to grow in five months of not shaving. ‘Merica sympathizes. J has nothing to contribute. We pack up, for the last time.

As soon as we leave the lake, we begin walking through a low section of forest, with no views, and nothing of interest. I see nothing anyways, blasting to the finish. Longest six miles EVER.

And then we’re there! ‘Merica, Snake Charmer, and Ambassador got there first, and they are passing around the drinks that ‘Merica packed in. (He may be a partier, but he’s absolutely a dedicated one.) We throw down our packs, beaming, unsure how to feel or what to think. But we made it!

We hear some hikers coming in – Biscuit has caught up – it’s SWITCH! Biscuit and Switch! She caught up! These two women have been some of my favorite hiking companions, and I’m so glad they’re here. We take pictures, and read the logbook, looking for friends, marvel at the silliness of the US Gov’t needing to clear-cut a swath of trees across the entire US-Canadian border, we eat the last of our snacks.

Finally, it’s time to go. The monument has been reached, but it’s another ten miles to civilization. I thought the last six miles were long… We run into our friend V, hiking back to Hart’s pass to hitch out. I’ve never seen someone so happy in my life.

At Manning Park we get ourselves a room at the lodge, run back into Smokey, Tintin, and Tailor, who successfully caught up. It’s done. We take the bus to Vancouver tomorrow.





Switch and Biscuit <3 wpid-20141007_123923_1.jpg
Ladies be hiking the PCT!


‘Merica: “OK, you guys kneel down and hold onto my legs while I hold the flag for the picture!”
Switch and Biscuit: “Uhh….”
Me: “No, no, no! ‘Merica, you kneel down and hold onto Switch and Biscuit, and they’ll hold the flag.”
Switch and Biscuit: “Much better.”
‘Merica: “Well, I guess…”

Me and Ambassador. “You think cutting the border is an alright gig?” “US gov’t, wtf”



18 thoughts on “Day 158: The End, or, The Beginning

  1. I’ve been reading along with your travels since August. It was right before we went on a week-long ramble in the Goat Rocks, and as we were going to be hiking part of the PCT I googled around a bit and found your blog. In the nights before our trip I read all of your entries to that point and couldn’t wait to finish. It may be months later, but it’s been a joy to finish your travels with you, however vicariously. Congratulations on finishing the trail, and on writing so beautifully about it. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Yeah, you finished your blog before I start! (I leave next Saturday)

    Bloggers like you have been a huge inspiration to me. Party for that reason I have started my own blog, check it out.

  3. I too have read your entire blog, it has been wonderfully educational and entertaining. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I hope there will be an epilogue!

  4. It’s great to read your finish. What an awesome adventure. Thanks for sticking to it. You were my winter PCT fix…reading your blog. Congrats! -GoalTech

  5. Amazing stories and pictures Gwyn! Thank you so much for keeping up your journal throughout your journey. I loved every post.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed following along on this amazing adventure, Gizmo! Thanks for taking the time to write things up. I knew you were gifted in the professional arena, but I’ve learned from this blog that you are also incredibly gifted as a writer and photographer too. Gizmo, you are just awesome! Congrats again on this accomplishment.

  7. I have enjoyed your Blog. Thanks for letting me go along on your trek. You are a real adventurer! Good luck to you and J.

  8. That was an epic journey. Your writing and photos really made the adventure come alive. I like your style – brutal honesty seasoned with black humor! Way to go.

  9. You guys sure look like you’re having fun. Hiking will do that to you. I’m gonna have to plan a trip soon. You have me a little jealous. Thanks for the posts.

  10. I love reading your blog… and listening to your podcast. Your voice is uniquely YOU! Also I can’t believe I haven’t read your whole blog yet… It’s not too late! Miss you friend <3

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